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Queen’s Wharf Brisbane: Opening August 2024

By Kellie Casey

Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (QWB) is set to be a game-changer for the city, with a big finish planned for August 2024. This isn’t just any project; it’s a whopping $3.6 billion development that’s going to turn Brisbane into the go-to spot for entertainment, tourism, and just plain fun, especially with the Brisbane 2032 Olympics on the horizon.

Think of it as connecting the dots between places like the Botanic Gardens and South Bank, but making those lines way cooler with things like a new pedestrian bridge, loads of public spaces, fancy hotels, living spaces, and more than 50 places to eat. 

It’s also about giving back, with tons of training and job opportunities for folks in the area and making Brisbane a top pick for tourists worldwide.

Journey to August 2024: A Timeline of Progress

Initial Stages and Planning:

The project kicked off with its announcement, laying out the vision to revitalise Brisbane’s CBD and waterfront, setting the groundwork for an integrated resort development that would include gaming, hospitality, and entertainment facilities.

2017-2018: Ground breaking and Excavation:

Construction began, with initial works focusing on demolition and excavation to prepare the site. This phase was crucial for setting a strong foundation for the extensive development planned.

2019-2020: Heritage Preservation and Public Realm Enhancements:

Emphasis was placed on preserving Brisbane’s historical architecture, integrating these structures within the new development.

Initiatives like the Mangrove Walk and the enhancement of public spaces began to take shape, giving residents and visitors a glimpse into the project’s future impact on urban life.

2021-2022: Infrastructure and Construction Milestones:

Key infrastructure developments were underway, including the construction of the pedestrian bridge and laying the groundwork for the various buildings within the precinct.Significant construction milestones were achieved, with the project’s scale and ambition becoming more evident.

2023: Preparing for the Final Stretch:

With the finish line in sight, focus has shifted towards completing construction, with work on the interior spaces of hotels, entertainment venues, and residential areas ramping up.

The project is also in the process of finalising its retail and dining offerings, ensuring a diverse and high-quality selection for visitors and residents.

Looking Ahead to August 2024:

Upon its grand opening in August 2024, Queen’s Wharf Brisbane (QWB) is anticipated to be a major catalyst for Brisbane’s economic transformation. The project is not just about constructing buildings; it’s about building opportunities, expected to create over 8,000 operational roles across various sectors such as hospitality, retail, and entertainment.

This influx of jobs represents a significant boost to employment in the region, providing a wide array of career paths for locals.

Moreover, QWB is set to become a major drawcard for tourists, with projections indicating it will attract an additional 4 million visitors to Brisbane each year.

This surge in tourism will inject vitality into the local economy, increasing spending in the area’s businesses, from dining and shopping to accommodation and services. The ripple effect of this increased economic activity will be felt widely, contributing to the growth and prosperity of Brisbane’s economy as a whole.

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