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Brisbane’s Bold Move: A Sustainable Vision for the 2032 Olympic Games

By Kellie Casey

Brisbane is making waves with its unconventional approach to the 2032 Olympics, opting to enhance its current venues instead of constructing new ones. 

This strategic choice reflects Brisbane’s commitment to economic efficiency and environmental sustainability, establishing a pioneering model for future international event hosting.

In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s unfolding and how the locals are reacting.

What’s Happened

The Queensland government rejected the recommendation to construct a new stadium, which would have been a more costly venture, estimated at $3.4 billion for a venue in Victoria Park.

Instead, it has opted to upgrade the Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre (QSAC) with a $1.6 billion renovation, and use Suncorp Stadium (also known as Lang Park) for the opening and closing ceremonies.

The Gabba, previously considered for a major rebuild, will instead receive a refurbishment to host Olympic cricket events.

Why It’s Happened

Premier Steven Miles put it plainly: spending billions on a new stadium just doesn’t make sense with today’s economic challenges. This pragmatic view steered the city towards smarter investments that promise both Olympic readiness and long-term value.

Insights from a review led by former lord mayor Graham Quirk revealed upgrading QSAC might not leave the lasting legacy Brisbane aims for, while The Gabba needed more than just a facelift to serve future generations.

This led to the strategic decision to enhance QSAC and Suncorp Stadium, aligning perfectly with the IOC’s preference for using what’s already there to build a sustainable legacy.

How People Are Reacting

The community’s response to this decision has been mixed, capturing a wide array of views. Many in Brisbane are in favour of the city’s budget-friendly and environmentally conscious approach, appreciating the balance between fiscal responsibility and sustainable development.

On the other hand, some locals are concerned about potentially missed opportunities for enhancing the city’s infrastructure and urban landscape.

This discussion within Brisbane is likely to influence other cities around the world, encouraging them to think carefully about the balance between immediate impact and lasting legacy when planning major events like the Olympics.

What’s Next?

With the decision-making phase behind us, Brisbane is now entering a critical period of detailed planning and execution for the Olympic venue upgrades. While specific start dates for each project are yet to be announced, the preparatory work, including finalising designs and securing contracts, is expected to begin imminently.

These initial stages are crucial for laying the groundwork for the physical renovations, with construction likely to commence following a comprehensive public announcement.

The Cross River Rail, a key component of Brisbane’s infrastructure upgrade in anticipation of the Olympics, is progressing according to its own timeline.

As this project advances, its completion will significantly enhance the city’s transport network, directly benefiting Olympic logistics and the spectator experience.

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