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Cross River Rail: The Journey So Far and What’s Next

By Kellie Casey

Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project is hitting some major milestones, transforming the way we move around South East Queensland. With 10.2 km of new rail, including a 5.9 km tunnel under the river and CBD, it’s all about smoother rides and connecting communities.

Here are the key updates and changes recently.

Tunnel Updates

The rail installation in the tunnels is all done, and we’re onto the next steps with walkway setups getting rolled out.

Station Updates:

  • Roma Street: It’s all coming together with architectural panels, baffle ceilings, and the first four escalators getting settled in. The European Train Control System (ETCS) is also getting bedded in, with testing kicking off on the Shorncliffe line, ready for a 2024 launch.
  • Albert Street: The platform and mezzanine levels are ready, and the internal walls are climbing up, prepping for more concrete action.
  • Woolloongabba: Say goodbye to the scaffolds at the North entrance, and hello to the first Platform Screen Doors glass in the South.
  • Boggo Road: It’s buzzing with high voltage tests, ongoing mechanical and electrical upgrades to be up and running soon.

Other Updates

  • Mayne Yard: 850 metres of the old loop has been cleared to make way for the new tracks, plus there’s a shiny new shunt road.
  • Exhibition: Cables and services are getting a tidy-up, ready for the next phase.
  • Northern Corridor: Victoria Park’s gearing up for a power boost in early March.
  • Southern Area: Tracks and signals are in their final spots, setting the stage for the next steps.
  • Clapham Yard: The Chale Street Bridge is getting its finishing touches with barrier base pours.

Surface Stations

  • Dutton Park: The pedestrian overpass is nearly complete, making access a breeze.
  • Pimpama: Platform frames are up, with all the technical checks in the green.
  • Yeerongpilly: Canopies are on their way, adding some shade and shelter.

Economic and Employment Boom

A standout feature of the Cross River Rail project is its massive boost to employment. With the project in full swing, it’s been a job creator from the get-go, earmarking up to 7,700 jobs throughout its construction phase. 

These opportunities span across various sectors, from hands-on construction roles to specialised positions in engineering, project management, and logistics, showcasing the project’s wide-reaching impact on Queensland’s job market.

But the job creation doesn’t stop post-construction. The operational phase of the rail line will continue to provide employment in station management, maintenance, customer service, and security, ensuring the project’s lasting contribution to the local economy.

Long-Term Benefits

Beyond the immediate economic injection, the Cross River Rail is a key piece in Brisbane’s future transport puzzle, poised to meet the growing demands of South East Queensland’s expanding population.

It’s not just about the new rail line; it’s about setting the stage for further expansions, upgrades, and integrations with other transport modes, ensuring Brisbane remains on the move.

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