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What’s In Store For Brisbane’s Mary Street?

By Kellie Casey

Mary Street, a pivotal thoroughfare in Brisbane’s city heart, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation. This vision aims to reshape Mary Street into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, and multifaceted urban space, blending the street’s historical charm with modern urban living.

What’s Happening: The Vision for Mary Street

The plan for Mary Street involves a complete overhaul, focusing on enhancing pedestrian mobility, integrating public transport, and creating diverse, usable spaces for residents, workers, and visitors.

Anchored by developments like Queen’s Wharf Brisbane and Waterfront Brisbane, and the upcoming Albert Street Cross River Rail Station, Mary Street is evolving into a key artery in the city’s fabric.

Segments of Mary Street

The vision recognises Mary Street’s inherent diversity, dividing it into distinct segments, each tailored to its unique character and needs:

The Terraces (George Street to Albert Street)

This segment will feature terraced seating and shaded nooks, transforming the gentle slope from George Street towards Albert Street into a space ideal for relaxation and social interaction. Enhanced pedestrian safety and connectivity are key focuses here.

Transit Plaza (Albert Street Intersection)

As a future bustling commuter hub, this area will facilitate smooth pedestrian movement and efficient transit interchange following the completion of the Cross River Rail. Retail tenancies and public spaces are planned around the new station.

The Gardens (Albert Street to Edward Street)

Encompassing a range of hotels, residential apartments, and heritage buildings, this segment will prioritise open spaces. The widened footpaths will support outdoor dining, greenery, and temporary activities like food trucks.

River Link (Edward Street to Eagle Street)

This eastern end of Mary Street, connecting to the City Reach Waterfront, will focus on direct pedestrian access to the river and enhanced traffic roles within the city network. Footpath widening, shade, seating, and planting are key elements here.

How You’ll Get Around

The vision prioritises walking, creating a generous pedestrian corridor and reducing road width for a safer cycling environment. Public transport will be integrated seamlessly, with the new Albert Street Station serving as a major hub. The plan also includes provisions for residential and commercial access, as well as taxi and ride share facilities, catering to Mary Street’s diverse user base.

Timing and Implementation

The transformation is timed with the completion of the Albert Street Cross River Rail Station in 2024 and the redevelopment of key buildings over the next five years. In the short term, Council and the private sector will collaborate to test and evaluate various elements of the vision, such as temporary kerbside areas and street furniture. This approach ensures that the final outcome is informed by practical experience and community feedback.

Mary Street’s vision is a bold stride towards redefining urban living in Brisbane, making it a model for future city planning. Want to learn more? Click here.

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