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Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves: A Historic Transformation Into a $20 Million Floating Tourism Hub.

By Kellie Casey

Back in 2018, Brisbane’s Howard Smith Wharves underwent a remarkable revamp, emerging as a bustling dining precinct that captured the city’s heart. 

Now, the spotlight is on its future, with a visionary $20-million development plan set to redefine Brisbane’s riverside experience.

Here’s the latest update on what’s happening with this exciting project!

What’s Planned?

The next phase in the Howard Smith Wharves’ renaissance is all about connection and experience.

Plans are in motion to construct two 157-metre-long pontoons adjacent to the beloved Mr Percival’s bar.

The planned pontoons will establish a ‘river tourism gateway,’ complete with gangways and an elevator, to offer seamless boat access and connect Brisbane to key tourism destinations along the river and into the expansive Moreton Bay.

The plans also promise to add special floating places to eat and drink right on the water, where people can enjoy meals on a boat that stays in place, all with the beautiful Brisbane skyline in view.

The planning documents submitted to the Brisbane City Council reveal that this proposed expansion at the western end of Howard Smith Wharves is just one piece of a broader vision.

Future development plans extend to the eastern sections of the precinct, indicating a comprehensive long-term strategy to enhance and enliven the entire area.

These developments are set to pave the way for the Wharves’ evolution into a dynamic and multifaceted hub, ready to play a significant role in Brisbane’s tourism infrastructure, particularly as the city gears up for the international spotlight of the 2032 Olympics.

How Is the Government Helping?

Strong government support underscores this vision. In 2020, the Queensland government’s Attracting Tourism Fund contributed $5.5 million for the construction of three pontoons, demonstrating a commitment to this transformative project.

The first pontoon, completed in early 2021, has already begun to bridge the historical gap, re-establishing the Howard Smith Wharves’ link with the river that has been absent since the 1960s.

The remaining pontoons are slated for completion by summer 2024, promising a new chapter for the city’s waterfront.

What’s The Economic Impact?

It’s not just about the infrastructure; it’s about the people, too.

This project is expected to create 50 new jobs during its construction phase and support hundreds of long-term positions in the tourism sector once completed.

These jobs represent a wave of new opportunities for the community and ensure that the economic benefits of the project will resonate long into the future.

What’s Next for Brisbane?

With Brisbane’s growth and development on the rise, we’re eager to see what the future holds for our city.

The Howard Smith Wharves project is just the start. As we welcome more people and build new attractions, our city is becoming an even better place to live and visit.

We’re looking forward to all the new jobs and opportunities this project will bring. It’s an exciting time for Brisbane, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for our beloved city.

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