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An Update on the Waterfront Brisbane Precinct: Demolition Complete and City-Shaping Developments Underway

By Sales IBA

The Waterfront Brisbane precinct is abuzz with excitement as demolition works have now been successfully completed, marking a major milestone in this transformative $2.5 billion project. With the demolition of the Eagle Street Pier phase wrapped up, the development is now shifting gears towards its city-shaping objectives, promising a host of benefits not only for the precinct itself but also for the surrounding buildings and the Brisbane community as a whole.

The demolition works, which took place in July, saw the removal of all remaining above-ground structures, the plaza slab, and the Basement car park structure within the Eagle Street pier precinct. The process involved the use of specialised saw-cutting machines, heavy machinery, and cranes, all expertly managed to ensure the safety and efficiency of the project. Containment scaffolding, which was installed around the above-ground structures during the demolition, has now been progressively removed as the works were completed.

With demolition now behind us, attention turns to the exciting prospects that lie ahead for Waterfront Brisbane. This city-shaping development has received development approval from the Brisbane City Council, bringing about a range of positive changes that will elevate the precinct and the surrounding buildings to new heights.

The project is split into 2 Stages. The project’s first stage commenced in June 2022, set for completion in 2027, including the design and construction of:

The North Tower comprises approximately 72,500sqm NLA of premium-grade office space
New Riverwalk and public realm
New integrated retail areas.

Dexus is moving forward with Stage 2 negotiations with key contractors aiming to complete construction in 2028.

Emphasising sustainability, John Holland has pledged to recover 90 per cent of the materials leaving the site by efficiently sorting timber, metals, and concrete for recycling purposes.

Waterfront Brisbane promises to catalyse property value growth in the surrounding buildings. As it evolves into a premium business and leisure destination, the precinct will attract businesses and professionals seeking a prime location. This heightened demand, coupled with the enhanced amenities and riverfront experiences, is expected to drive property prices upward, benefiting property owners and investors in the area.

The development aims to create a thriving 24/7 precinct, catering to the needs of workers, visitors, and residents alike. The incorporation of two new towers, offering a combined 120,000sqm of office space, and 9,000sqm of prime riverside retail, including a diverse mix of dining options, will undoubtedly enhance the overall appeal of the area. The presence of bustling retail strips, featuring cafes and direct access to end-of-trip facilities, is set to provide a vibrant atmosphere, supporting the local economy and small businesses.

One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the Waterfront Brisbane precinct is the improved access to and views of the river. The project plans to widen the Riverwalk to at least six metres for the full length of the site, providing enhanced accessibility for active and public transport. This includes a new CityCat terminal, a pedestrian-friendly Eagle Street, and linkage to Albert Street Station and the new Kangaroo Point Green Bridge. The result will be a seamless and enjoyable experience for pedestrians, cyclists, and commuters alike.

The development’s commitment to preserving and enhancing public spaces is evident in the creation of up to 7,000sqm of new and revitalised public space. Beautifully landscaped tiered lawns and multiple green, open areas will provide serene spots for workers, residents, and visitors to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

As the Waterfront Brisbane project moves into its next stages, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. With demolition now complete, the city-shaping developments are well underway, promising a reinvigorated precinct that will leave a lasting positive impact on the Brisbane landscape.

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